Body Fit Training at HIVE

Body Fit Training

HIVE brings Body Fit Training (BFT) to the northern NSW region.  At BFT they use science and technology to drive positive outcomes to all fitness levels. BFT have incorporated scientifically proven training techniques aimed at reducing fat and creating lean muscle into a variety of 50-minute training sessions. Their coaches are highly accredited in a dynamic group fitness environment.

BFT display their work out routines through digital displays throughout the whole studio which allow the coaches to spend consistent time concentrating on their members.

We sat down with the coaches to get to know them and their Byron Bay community members.


1.What does BFT bring to the community of HIVE?

“Body Fit Training is the world’s fastest growing fitness community. Our group training programs focus on progressing our members in their fitness journey towards their goals, in a fun group environment that builds community spirit”

2.What kind of classes does BFT offer?

“Our programming is founded in proper strength training, with X training such as boxing, functional kettlebell movements, core work and cardio. We work every energy system in the body, every week!”

3.What sets BFT apart?

“Our community, our coaches and our technology are what drives results. We monitor every member, every session and coach each according to their effort and capability to drive individual performance”

4.What are some tips to stay motivated as a beginner?

“Introduce yourself to a member. We have an awesome community who love training together. Teaming up with a mate keeps you accountable. The best part of our club is you just have to turn up – the program is set for you!”

5.What are some favourite workout routines you have found that the members love?

“We have BEAST mode which is our really popular combat training class. Strength and Power is popular with our members on building proper foundational strength and Cardio U is always a fun, vibing session”

6.What are some reasons why exercise is good for your physical and mental health?

“It’s a mathematical formula! Exercise creates endorphins in your body which heighten your mood. A good exercise routine helps a stronger sleep cycle and connecting with like-minded people in a community environment gives you a sense of belonging”

Working out and progressing towards your goals gives you self-respect and pride. Come and get involved!