This unique space offers the best-of-the-best in audio-visual equipment, production, lighting, and sound to suit your specific needs. From recording a podcast to mixing music, live streaming an event, or filming a video – we offer a wide range of solutions.


Services Include:

Podcast Room –  With a 3 camera set up, 4 adjustable mics, and lighting specifically for video, this is the perfect place to host your next podcast and it caters to both in-person and virtual guests.

Sound Stage – A sound-treated film set and music studio with a built-in stage and professional lighting this space is ideal for filming, recording, and streaming elite quality, large-scale productions.

Production Studio – Acting as the control room between the Podcast Room and Sound Stage this studio allows you to mix and edit simultaneously. Built specifically with audio production in mind, it offers five-star equipment and is spacious and soundproof.


Don’t dream it – create it – with state-of-the-art AV and production hire to turn any vision into reality.

Byron Bay Sound Stage