We are all about lovingly creating a product that celebrates the riches of our region, enjoying responsibly and contributing meaningfully back to our community.

We carefully distill in small batches. This allows us to control the quality of the spirit produced in a way that large distillers cannot do.

Made with the purest honey from our hives in the hills of Byron Bay, NSW. Craft distilled in small batches using only natural ingredients, sourced locally where possible. Our hives are in the hills overlooking Byron Bay, at a place the Aboriginals called Tyagarah.  Massive veins of obsidian crystal traverse beneath the surface, while above, the landscape is scattered with giant igneous boulders from the eruption of Wollumbin volcano 23 million years ago.

Botanicals are carefully selected and prepared for each batch and our master Distiller, Luca Bolzoni,  lovingly blends the distillates with fresh honey to create Byron Bees, a unique drink encapsulating the riches of our region.

Byron Bay Spirits Co.