This is Kerwin Rae

HIVE brings Kerwin Rae, Australia’s leading business strategist to The Northern New South Wales, Byron Bay. Kerwin is an entrepreneur, high performance specialist and business coach dedicated to helping you become the person you have always dreamed of being.

Kerwin Influences multiple audiences around the world. Touring Australia and preaching his personal message of growth through mental health and mentoring business leaders with his “blueprint” for success. His life changing content has reached millions over the years of building his social media audience from the ground up.

From a young age Kerwin failed nearly every subject at school, battled addiction and encounted six near death experiences, including a stroke that nearly killed him. As you continue to read on you will see that Kerwin’s ability to conquer the odds is second to none.

Kerwin has learnt that some of the most beautiful things we have in life come from the changes we experience as well as the challenges. This has impacted him greatly and this has all contributed to his success of his business “Kerwin Rae” today, the incredible and influential man that everyone knows across the world.

As a child Kerwin struggled with ADHD and Dyslexia, he never read a book cover to cover until he was twenty-three. Kerwin once said “Growth is a gift that comes from facing difficult situations”

Kerwin looked to martial arts and became a passionate body builder in his teenage years. This line of work lead him to work in the security industry, following this he was lucky enough to work with Hollywood’s greatest U2, Madonna and Bon Jovi when they toured Australia.

Once he fulfilled his role as an armed escort and as a personal protection guard, he looked to working in nightclubs. Working in such environments had him exposed to the violent pub brawls and drugs to which he became increasingly dependent upon the drug speed at the time. To help get his life back in order he chose to leave the nightclub scene and he started merchandising for the fitness company ‘Rebel Sports’.

Kerwin discovered though working in sales that his career aspirations were within the line of business. Over the period of his 20’s and early 30’s Kerwin built and established many different business ventures that produced millions. Along his journey he met many mentors and learned valuable life lessons along the way.

Following his passion for business in 2009 Kerwin started a consultancy company based around education, training and support. This business naturally was self-titled “Kerwin Rae”.

Kerwin is now recognised for his high-performance coaching and life changing content which has reached millions across the world.

Today Kerwin is a supportive and nurturing father to his children and his partner Krista.

Kerwin’s vision is to push civilisation forward which he will see people living their purpose.

To upskill your performance and life skills Kerwin provides multiple free content on his website.

He offers unstoppable podcasts, a YouTube channel to keep up to date with live shows that have happened, Kerwin’s recommended books, articles and blogs all complimentary and accessible for yourself.


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